Artificial grass for nice indoor decorative use
Artificial grass for nice indoor decorative use
What will you think of when hearing the artificial grass?  Football field or the garden field?

If you are living in a high drought area, you might think about perfect lawns and without any water or maintenance required. But if you are a creative designer, you may be thinking outside the original box, artificial grass indoors also quickly become one of the newest design trends.

Let us take a look,

1. Home carpet
Imagine you furniture with artificial grass! Our grass is perfectly soft and you can give your home touch of green.

2. Climbing Up the Walls
Also, there is no need to keep the grass on the ground! It will also keep a playful feel with artificial grass on the wall!

3. Company Hall.
Bringing nature to your company the tone for all-natural and eco-friendly companies and products. It is the perfect way to turn a cold boring space into an inviting space.




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