3 main kinds of synthetic turf

Artificial grass, also known as synthetic turf, is a surface of synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass. It is widely used in the sports fields, residential areas, and commercial applications. So we mainly divide artificial grass into three kinds: sport grass, landscaping grass, and leisure grass. So let me introduce them one by one.

Landscaping grass becomes more and more popular. Except that the appearance is as real as natural grass, here are seven main advantages over natural grass.

artificial landscape grass for garden
artificial landscape grass
  1. It’s cheaper over the long term as it doesn’t require a reticulation system, lawn mower, and regular use of water and gardening products, which means virtually zero maintenance required, which means you get more free time.
  2. It’s more environmentally friendly as it alleviates the need for herbicides and fertilizers, which means you’re doing your part for our environment.
  3. It’s unaffected by shaded or high traffic areas, so you don’t have to maintain those typical trouble lawn spots.
  4. It’s forever green through all seasons, so your lawn will always look the best in the street.
  5. It’s hard-wearing and long-lasting, which means little worry and more cash for your pocket in the long run.
  6. It can even be installed over concrete, asphalt, or road base, so you can turn a dead area back to life.
  7. And it’s pet-friendly.
artificial outdoor sports turf
artificial outdoor sports turf

Sports grass is the main application of artificial grass. It can be used for basketball, football, baseball, field hockey, tennis, golf, cricket, badminton, etc. Except for the advantages I mentioned above, the biggest advantage of sports grass is weatherproof. It protects athletes from mud and dirty if it rains in the middle of a race.

Leisure grass is economical compared with landscaping grass. It can be used as carpet for simple beautification in hotels, airports, etc.

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