Artificial Football Turf Field VS. Living Football Grass

What we can see now, artificial grass turf is more popularly used for football from small recreational football fields to professional league arenas, artificial football grass is never a newcomer in football fields now, it is hot. It has gained a large popularity because it has offered a number of benefits and advantages that natural grass fields can hardly compete with,
1. Artificial football turf looks and feels like natural grass. Artificial grass is highly imitated according to natural grass, what is more, artificial grass has much more colors than natural one.
2. Artificial football grass can be played on at all times. As we know, natural grass can be played on for a limited period due to its growth circle and it can be damaged easily. While artificial grass is always playable without worrying about the season or weather which always influences natural grasses' growth and condition.
3. Artificial grass is stable in its appearance and working condition. Artificial grass turf can work for much more teams, more training sessions, and more matches compared with natural grass, its color and appearance hardly changes along with seasonal alternation, they can keep its head up for a long time.
4. Artificial grass is free of tiring maintenance. You will never need to water it, give them fertilizer, mowing it, or replace it frequently as soon as you finish the pavement of synthetic grass turf.
5. Artificial grass is an eco-friendly and economical item for sports. For example, free of tiring maintenance can save water, fertilizer, labor, and there will hardly be pesticide residue on the earth, no CO2 emissions.
6. Artificial grass is versatile. Compared with natural grass, synthetic grass can be used for both indoor and outdoor football fields.
7. Artificial grass is weather resistant. Natural turf pitches suffer in bad weather so in climates where there is frequent rain or conversely lots of dry, sunny weather, the grass surface and playing quality can be adversely affected. This in turn can result in periods of nonuse or poor use at the very least. And the cost of repairing and maintaining grass pitch is expensive and tiring. However, with synthetic grass pitches, very little maintenance and very few repairs are needed.
8. No Growing for artificial grass. Artificial grass turf is ready for use as soon as it is installed, while the preparation of natural grass is time-consuming, it needs careful attention and long-term maintenance.SUNWING supplies excellent qualified synthetic turf for landscapes, playgrounds, pet areas, roof, deck, patios, and professional sports grass like football grass, putting greenstennis court grass, contact and get your ideal grass.

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