Artificial grass for Sports Field

Artificial grass is very common for ordinary people to build instant and easy maintain sports field indoor and outdoor. Sunwing Industries Ltd., as one experienced artificial grass supplier, supply the high quality artificial grass for sports field, expert advice and also the way of installation.

1.  Football Field.

For the football field, we can design the suitable way for you to build according to the size you offered, just as above design sample, which will never waste any space in your yard. About the styles of synthetic grass, Iwould like to recommend our ED-29, being the hot-sale one of our sports, it will provide you a natural looking, and most importantly, its high quality will help you to run fast and prevent you from falling down. Thus, you just need to enjoy the fun of playing football.

2. Golf Course Turf.

With 100% UV-stability and high toughness, it is anti-aging. For the synthetic turf for golf field, it needs good elasticity, our EDC-5 is just produced for it. Also, for having no harmful heavy metal substances, which will enable you and your families to enjoy safe, comfortable and leisure life together.

3.Tennis Field.

For the tennis field, the synthetic grass should meet the quality of good elasticity. Most importantly, being one of the vigorous aerobic activity, the synthetic grass for tennis field should also be able to prevent the players from falling down. Our EW-1 is the one with high density, and it plays very well in the tennis game.

Whether you are a school, an international stadium, or local club, Sunwing has rich experience in helping people just like you. If you are looking for a good resource of synthetic grass for football, hockey, tennis, cricket, or golf, Sunwing will always be the first choice for you.

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