Artificial grass installation & Cement foundation

It is very common that artificial grass field is installed over cement foundation, so make a good cement foundation plays a very important role for succesfull installation of artificial grass, now we will talk about the requirement for cement foundation.

1) For the flatness of cement foundation. The total percent of pass should be more than 96%,  allowable error among 5m can be 3mm or less.

2) For the gradient. 8/1000 for curves, 5/1000 for straight, the surface should be smooth and have good drainage system.

3) For the Intensity and stability. The surface of cement foundation should be firm, no crack, no broken selvage, the join line should be straight and smooth, the ideal size for each block should be about 6000mm*6000mm. The cushion layer should be pressed  firmly and its degree of density should more than 96%. After medium-sized road rollers tamping, no wheelmark, no loose soil should be there.

4) For the water-resisting layer of cement foundation. Take the new thick waterproof membrane, the junction positions size should be larger than 200mm, and the margin should remain more than 150mm.

5) Maintenance period: the basic maintenance time is 3~4 week per time.

Good cement foundation is beneficial for artificial grass working life because it provides artificial grass field with firm base and excellent drainage system.


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