Artificial Outdoor Grass vs Natural Turf:6 Main Advantages

Sunwing artificial turf has a good performance in many industries. We notice it’s application getting more and more wide in lots of places. So what are the advantages of sunwing artificial turf compared with ordinary natural lawns? We have sorted out the following six differences and advantages:

  • Sunwing artificial grass is easy to maintain, and cost economical.You can clean the dirt simplely by washing with water without fading and deformation.
  • Sunwing produces artificial lawns with eco-friendly materials with guaranteed quality. And the acceptance is simple, without too much professional knowledge.
  • The foundation quality is not high which means it can be installed on a variety of foundation surfaces. Don’t afraid of cracking, blistering and delamination problems. That’s why it’s simple and economical.
  • The foundation is not bonded to the surface layer. When the service life of the surface layer expires, only the surface layer needs to be replaced, so that the reinvestment cost is low.
  • Sunwing artificial turf adopts the concept of safety protection, so it can avoid sports injuries. It provides enough cushioning power to reduce the damage that may be caused by the general hard ground to the foot, so that you are completely free from all kinds of worries caused by the venue.
  • The lawn is tightly woven and has strong tensile force, so the grass silk is difficult to fall off due to friction, pulling and other reasons; even if children and pets use it, there is no need to worry about injury caused by swallowing silks. People can feel free and peaceful to touch.

Indeed, compared to natural grass, artificial turf has a series of advantages. So it has become hot in recent years, and the demand is also increasing.


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