Artificial Sports Field Turf VS. Landscaping Artificial Grass Turf

Despite the style of artificial grass you need, you will find they all share a number of advantages over real grass: better elasticity, low maintenance, and lower upkeep costs to name a few. So why are there so many different styles? What does each style do better than the other? For sports and landscaping artificial grass, the answer is clear.


Sports Turf: Solid and Flexible
Sports turf is mostly used for football and baseball, but soccer is a popular choice as well. These sports require the lawn is soft enough to cushion players yet is strong enough to withstand high contact use, game after game.
Sports turf is designed with non-abrasive fibers to protect players from injury when sliding, tackling, or falling. Sports artificial turf has various of fiber styles that provide different levels of thickness and resilience for sports use. Sports artificial turf replaces real grass to eliminate the high costs associated with maintaining these fields.


Landscaping Artificial Grass: Vital and Comfortable
Landscaping grass has become increasingly more popular, and its not hard to see why. Not only is it easy to install and maintain, but it is safe, too. Artificial grass for dogs, kids, and all-purpose garden activity looks more realistic than ever and is a cost-effective way of ensuring the external part of your home looks good at all times.
Landscaping artificial turf does not have to meet the same demands for strength that sports turf does.Every fiber of landscaping artificial turf is designed to look like real grass. Many landscaping turf styles have grass fibers in different colors and shapes to give yards, gardens, and lawns a natural look and feel. Although it was not made to withstand the kind of high contact use that sports turf needs, make no mistake-landscaping artificial turf can withstand much more wear and tear than the average lawn. With minimal upkeep - brushing with a stiff broom and removing debris on a regular basis - your lawn will stay bouncy and fresh looking all year round.

Sports and Landscaping: A Turf for All Needs
The diversity of artificial grass makes it ideal for almost any need, making it an ideal replica of real grass. Whether you need a new playing field or a sparkling garden, synthetic grass is a cost-effective solution. Whatever the differences, different styles of synthetic grass will offer you unique advantages.


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