Artificial turf: Wall Design & Landscape

Artificial turf is frequently entering every corners of our daily life like turf for sports field, for interior grass carpet, for office floor carpet, for garden landscaping turf, for school playground field, for house wall decor, etc., it has become a new landscape idea which brings creative and amazing visual effect to the surrounding.


As one kind of artificial plants green wall, artificial turf can be used to design various subjects like animal models, smile images, letters, flower shape, logos, etc. on any forms of surface like wall, fence, box, furnitures due to its optional color and easy cut.


Compared with traditional wall decoration, artificial turf wall is much more versatile in design, it is low in cost and maintenance, what is more, artificial turf wall is lifelike and can create instant greenery which is very nice and perfectly matches with any surrounding. If you are interested in artificial turf design and landscape, SUNWING will be very glad to supply you with further information and suggestion.

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