Artificial vertical garden is a key feature of landscape architecture

As we know, the landscape lawn is very popular in the landscape company, it can be used in the balcony, yard, and park. Today what I want to share with you is artificial vertical garden and plants which is becoming a key feature of landscape architecture.

With the increase of all kinds of demands, artificial hedge has appeared in the peoples vision. In the past two or three years, artificial vertical garden have been popular in some countries, though not all over the world, the trend is flourishing. Later, we are to review some nice application of artificial hedge,artificial topiary and artificial vertical garden in gardening, house design from landscaping company and landscape architecture and see where artificial vertical garden has been a key feature of landscape architecture.

For landscape company, simple grass can not satisfy all needs of the markets. You need to develop new products and show them to your customers. The sooner you get ready,the sooner you occupy the market opportunities, now there are many lawn dealers starting to import artificial vertical garden, and those artificial green walls sell well. These information are telling artificial plantscape is flourishing.

Above picture for your reference, artificial vertical garden is used in the supermarkets, roadsides, it is a very impressive landscape factor to highlight the surroundings.

For landscape architecture, artificial landscapes also have a great effect in gardening and house design, I am going to share some beautiful scene realized by artificial plants in the following paragraphs,

According to our over 10-year experiences, much outdoor decoration companies are joining in the artificial landscape industry and widely use artificial hedges, vertical garden as well as artificial topiary in their projects.

There is a reason for the popularity of artificial vertical gardens. On the one hand, it has much much longer service time than real plants have, and it is easy to take care of. On the other hand, in some countries with scarce water resources, it is difficult to cultivate plants, artificial hedges, as well as fake plants wall, can play a very good and important decorative effect.

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