Best Swimming Pool Landscaping Ideas - Artificial Turf Above Ground Pool

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the surrounding landscape of the pool. It’s not the way to grow plants directly that look good. Natural trees may fall into the swimming pool; the roots of some plants may grow and invade quickly, which is not good for your swimming pool; take care of thorny plants that may hurt swimmers by its thorns or spines; the seasons changing, the faded and dead plants get awful. In this way, artificial plant solutions may be good for your swimming pool, try the following options below.

  • Artificial Trees for Landscape

Unlike natural plants, fake trees (which don’t look fake) will not have withered branches and leaves falling into the pool to clean up the trouble; nor will there befallen branches and trunks falling into the pool to cause chaos.

The rich types of artificial trees and potted plants almost cover all the plants you want.

artificial potted plants for swimming poor decor
  • Outdoor Artificial Turf Above Ground Pool

Laying an artificial outdoor landscape lawn above the ground swimming pool, on the one hand, beautifies the surrounding environment of the swimming pool, on the other hand, the maintenance cost is low, which can save a lot of expenses.

Moreover, the artificial turf can also be integrated with real plants and cover the bare and unsightly ground very well. The comfortable and thick foot feel also allows swimmers to step on barefoot at will.

sunwing swimming poor turf

Many families are keen on outdoor sports. In addition to using landscape lawns to create swimming pools at home, you can also try to equip your backyard with sports grass to create your own outdoor basketball court, enriching the ways of exercise.

  • Artificial Vertical Garden Wall Art

The plant wall is a system where a variety of plants grow on a vertical plane, and the man-made version enhances the sense of design. For swimming pool decoration, the plant wall is unique and charming on the one hand, and the dense plant combination on the other side increases privacy.

swimming pool artificial hedges wall


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