Care and maintenance of Artificial Grass Basketball Field

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Basic requirements:
1.Keep the field clean
2.Setting the "NO SMOKING" logo around the field.
3.No motor vehicles and heavy objects enter the activity field.
4.Control the use of basketball courts grass.
5.Check timely and repair the grass.

Clean and conservation:
1.Use a vacuum cleaner to exclude paper, shell, and other debris after playing.
2.Every two weeks with a common brush to comb the grass again, remove dirt and leaves, and other debris.
3.Use water or let the rain clean the dust on the grass.
4.In summer, use a water shower sprinkled lawn so that players can feel cool.

Removal of stains:
1.Juice, milk, ice cream, bloodstains, and other "water-like" stains, first use a pond water scrub and then rinse thoroughly with water to clean.
2.Shoe polish, sunscreen, ball-point pen oil, can be cleaned by perchloroethylene wipe, then use a strong adsorption towel to dry yarn.
3.White wax, asphalt, and asphalt, wipe with force or with perchloroethylene.
4.Nail polish can be wiped with acetone.
5.Paint etc. can use turpentine or paint remover. And then wash with cold water.
6.Chewing gum, use Freon into small pieces, and then remove the residue.
7.Fungi or mildew, 1% hydrogen peroxide can be poured into water, wipe thoroughly after soaking with water.

  1.Carefully check the joints if any loose at the bottom or damage, tearing, burning of grass, and so on. Heavy damage, if any, should contact the installation company in time.
  2.Rinsing and heavy rain will make a large loss of infillings. Need to make up quartz sand and rubber, and completely swept into the turf.

Prevent the incident:
  1.No smoking, fireworks explosion battle, welding.
  2.No throwing chewing gum, peel snacks, fruit juice drinks, oil, and so on.
  3.No vehicles, motorcycles, and other vehicles and heavy objects into the garden.
  4.No high heels, javelin, and other inappropriate footwear or sports things.
  5.No use of chemical cleaners, herbicides, or pesticides.

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