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To build a basketball court outdoors, there is another option besides irrigating concrete and plastic grounds, that is, laying a artificial basketball lawn. One of the reasons is beautify and advance the court , and another is that it can avoid human injury during exercise. In this brief post, you can have a certain understanding of basketball grass.

Sunwing artificial basketball lawn in the yard

Why lay basketball grass?

Artificial basketball surface not only looks good but also plays a good role in protecting people from suffering injury while exercising. Thanks to the perfect rebound resilience, it is far less damaging on those expensive balls than concrete or asphalt basketball court.

In addition, low cost and maintenance free are main reasons why so many people install synthetic basketball turf now.


  • Save maintenance cost

you can use in any climate with little maintenance, no matter rain or snow.

  • Perfect rebound resilience

The turf has perfect rebound resilience, which makes it comfortable to touch by foot.

  • Long life&Natural appearance

Artificial basketball turf adopted the principle of bionics production to look almost no different from natural grass.

  • Various colors available

Multi-colors to choose from, and we can make the grass as your specification request.

  • Basketball court design&Installation guide

We offer a basketball court grass custom design and installation guide.

  • Manufacturer’s 8 years warranty

Professional manufacturer and supplier ensure high-quality products.

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