Easy Guide to The Kindergarten Specific Artificial Turf


Why choose the kindergarten specific artificial turf?

According to the production process, we can divide the kindergarten artificial turf into two kinds: injection-molded artificial turf and woven artificial turf. Among them, the injection-molded artificial turf squeezes the plastic particles in a mold at one time and uses the blending technology to blend grass, so that the grass blades are arranged at regular intervals and in equal amounts, and the height of the grass blades is completely uniform. It is suitable for kindergartens, sports fields, balconies, greening, etc. However, weaving lawns is different. We use grass-like synthetic fibers implanted in the woven base fabric and add a fixed coating on the back to suit sports fields, leisure venues, golf venues, and gardens.
We produce the kindergarten artificial turf professionally and with heart and soul, which also has the following advantages:

1. Soft to skin, comfortable to touch

Active and naughty kids are always full of curiosity about the world but at the same time, they have no ability to protect themself when play and explore the world. For this, our kindergarten lawn is soft and thick. If a child accidentally falls, it has a great cushioning effect, allowing the child to have fun freely.

2. Safe and environmentally friendly, free of heavy metals

Using environmentally friendly materials, the products have passed SGS, which fundamentally prevents children from being harmed by formaldehyde and harmful heavy metals.

3. Clean and sanitary, no pollution

We treat the lawn grass silk with a special UV layer, which has a strong resistance to stains and bacteria. It is antistatic and does not attract dust, so it is very easy to clean, allowing children to play cleanly.

4. Advanced technology, strong pulling force

The unique weaving makes the lawn's super pull-out force, preventing little kids from pulling out the fake grass and eating by mistake.

5. Durable and long use life

Generally, lawns will age after being used for more than five years, and the resulting powdery objects can easily cause respiratory diseases in children. Sunwing lawn has passed the ultraviolet radiation test for up to 3000 hours, which is super anti-aging, easy to use, and durable.

6. Easy to pave

The laying of artificial turf in the kindergarten is very simple. After finish the measurement of the target place, you can generally lay it on the cement floor.

kindergarten turf

How to choose the right artificial turf?

Based on the advantages of artificial turf, more and more kindergartens or children's activity areas are willing to choose it. Kindergarten artificial turf is favored by people for the advantages of bright color, safety and environmental protection, easy maintenance, long service life, etc. You can construct it simply by yourself under normal circumstances. However, how to choose the specifications of kindergarten grass, how to know how much artificial turf we want to use, the price range of artificial turf, how to add the kindergarten rainbow track, how to make the kindergarten lawn, etc., often trouble customers. If you know the following points, you will have a different understanding of artificial turf in kindergartens.

Q1: How to pick the right turf?

Regarding how to choose the right kindergarten artificial turf: There are many types of lawns on the market right now, but the price differs a lot. If you are not a professional in the industry, it will be a headache to choose which lawn and what specifications and prices. Next, we will talk about grass selection. What aspects you should consider for artificial turf used in kindergartens?
Grass height- Generally, kindergartens choose lawns of 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm. If the lawn is too high, the uprightness of the grass will be affected after laying.
The smell of grass- A good lawn smells like a normal food bag, and the odor is very weak. If there is a pungent smell, such a lawn is a bad lawn, and it may also be environmentally substandard;
Grass color- The closer the grass is to the color of real grass, the higher the degree of simulation. In addition, the density, row spacing, material, and other factors of the lawn are several dimensions that we should consider when choosing grass.

Q2: What are the requirements for laying artificial turf?

The requirement of artificial turf is not high, you can lay it on the general cement floor.

Q3: How to measure the target location?

According to the measurement of the specific situation of the kindergarten playground, if you need to add a rainbow track, just separate the track and the part of the base lawn in the total area.


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