Economical flooring surface solution by artificial grass

As well as ensuring a perfectly manicured lawn all year round, 
artificial grass lawn saves you money, it is really an economical flooring surface solution for residential and commercial application. Artificial grass lawn comes with a big upfront cost, but once it is done, it is down for years and it requires very little maintenance.
Synthetic grass is made of filaments that are threaded into a backing that allows water to go through. The backing is placed on top of the drainage layer of compacted gravel. The turf is fastened along the perimeter. It is then filled with sand or crumb rubber to keep it from blowing away during a strong breeze. They are colored to look like various grass types and made of polyethylene, polypropylene, or any other synthetic material. For lawn, turf, and other flooring surface solution, artificial grass has the following benefits: 
Little maintenance jobs and no special equipment required. Artificial grass does not require cutting so you will not need to invest in lawnmowers, trimmers, or other equipment to maintain your lawn ever again. If you already have any of these tools you can gain some money back by selling them and think of those pounds you will save on electricity or fuel, oil, and maintaining them.
Water-saving. A natural lawn accounts for a big percentage of the household’s water bill, but the artificial grass looks green and lush all year round so you will not need to waste money on the water ever again.
Be green and aesthetic all the year-round. Whether you go through the coldest winter or the hottest summer, you will not need seeds, fertilizers, or pesticides, artificial grass will not fade or wither.  What is more, most of SUNWING artificial grass are guaranteed for 5 years.
Clean and mud-free. If you have children or pets, you probably spend money on cleaning the floors from the mud they have bought in. Artificial grass is completely mud-free so you will not need to buy specific cleaning products.
Time-saving. Another cost that you may not be considering is the cost of your time, so If you would rather spend your weekends relaxing instead of cutting and maintaining your lawn, take a look at artificial grass.

It is estimated that you will get a return on investment on artificial grass in one to five years, depending on the costs of water, tools, and chemicals you previously used for your natural lawn. The convenience, lack of maintenance, and cost savings speak loudly for artificial grass turf.
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As one artificial grass factory, SUNWING supplies various grass with bespoke colors, height, and other special specification requests, you are welcomed to contact us to get further information or a free sample.


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