Foundation requirements for artificial turf fields

The foundation of a site is one of the most important aspects of laying artificial turf. A good foundation directly affects the service life of the turf, just like a building, a good foundation is a decisive factor to ensure that the building can stand. So the foundation of artificial turf is also a top priority in the construction of the field. Artificial turf foundation includes asphalt foundation, cement foundation, gravel foundation three.

The asphalt concrete foundation includes an ordinary asphalt foundation and a hydrophobic asphalt foundation, which is suitable for a tennis court, field hockey field, and soccer field, among which the field hockey field must use a hydrophobic asphalt foundation, while all others can use ordinary asphalt foundation.

Soccer field four kinds of foundation are applicable, can choose according to the actual situation, recommended to use asphalt concrete, cement concrete foundation. Because these two are also now more popular foundation, in terms of flatness these two foundations are more suitable for site construction, then the artificial turf field foundation construction but also to meet what requirements?

1、The site foundation requirements foundation construction of various materials used in the construction, are to be inspected and qualified before being used for construction.

2、The appearance of the foundation: the surface is uniform and solid without obvious signs of tamping, flat without cracks, no rotten edge pushing, loose, wavy, pockmarked, smooth and smooth joints, there shall be no water blocking phenomenon.

3、When testing water, after 120 minutes of drainage after rain, it is allowed to have water but the thickness of water shall not be greater than 4mm.

4、After the completion of the foundation, put 10×10 meters square grid to remeasure the elevation and calculate the drainage slope, the drainage slope ≤ 0.7%, and the error <1.5‰.

5、Stabilized layer compaction compactness shall not be less than 93%.

6、The passing rate of levelness, slope and site elevation shall be 85% or more.

7、The allowable deviation of thickness ±10%.


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