Heavy rains never stop grass turf from working

Recently, most regions in China have been struck for heavy rain lasting around 2 months. And you will find that most playgrounds with natural grass are still wet and muddy even the rain stops. While, if artificial grass is installed on the playground, these negative influences will be transformed dramatically. Have a look at the following picture, you will find the difference between natural grass and artificial grass after rains,


Both of SUNWING landscaping grass and sport grass have drainage hole in the backing to drain off water, so that after rainy day, there will be dry playground for activity like walking, football, tennis, basketball,no worry about dirts,mud or small worm.

Different artificial grass backing with drainage hole arrange,


For a long-lasting green grass playground, artificial grass should be your prior choice. SUNWING provides landscape grassfootball pitch grassputting greens, both cheap and luxury grass are available.

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