House renovation in Saignelegier: Artificial Grass Green Wall Works Out New Wall Design


Artificial grass green walls blankets one wall of this renovated house in Switzerland by local studio Dubail Begert Architectes.


Architects Sylvain Dubail and David Begert were tasked with improving the thermal efficiency of the two-storey 1970s house in Saignelegier, north-west Switzerland.


After adding extra insulation, they installed a new facade intended to reference the surrounding ground surfaces.

The rear wall is covered with artificial turf to match the garden lawn, while corrugated fibre-cement panels clad three walls and the roof as a nod to the grey tarmac of the road.


The architects compare the appearance to agricultural structures. The house refuses the romantic and nostalgic ode to the bygone countryside and scoops out its inspirations contrariwise from the contemporary farm sheds, they said.


The surface of outside spaces is extended so at the farthest and tends to remove the home in its stereotypic context of a neighbourhood of houses, delaying so in doubt the icon of sacrosanct single-family home.

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