How to create a tropical look in any season with artificial vertical garden?

Have you ever provided  a tropical garden design and landscape idea realized by artificial plants to your clients?

You may have already seen many artificial vertical garden used in different places like garden, park, restaurant and son on. For tropical design, artificial plants wall brings new and fresh feelings like the following case shows,


In this case, the upright columns in the atrium of shopping mall are decorated by different artificial plants bunches together with backing which can be easily attached to the columns wall. The whole artificial plants wall successfully make the tropical garden design outstandingly amazing and impressive. With this refreshing tropical garden design, visitors will be easily moved and attracted, also, business owners will won more and more traffic and profits.

The following is another case where artificial plants wall was used to decorate roof wall corner, it perfectly created a tropical look with fashion, and this tropical garden design itself did not take up any functional space, but it creates very inspiring atmosphere in the house.

If you are interested in plants cape, or you are a landscaper, designer, architects, or contractor engage in interior design, events arrangement, landscape, gardening, or project planning, SUNWING artificial vertical garden will give you inspiration as well as creative ideas.

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