Indoor Garden and Interior Virescence Design

Interior garden and interior virescence design are always carried out by regular display of various plants like living trees, flowers, even artificial plants, based on house surroundings, function layout, and the house owner’s hobby. The selection of plants for interior garden design, it depends on the size, light, and temperature condition of the house.Green-Triangular-shaped-Artificial-Foliage-Mat-Design
Green Triangular-shaped Artificial Foliage Mat Design

Generally speaking, the interior garden design principle is that green plants are always used for contrast embellishment to highlight the overall effect. And this means all corners, dead angles will be used to display plants, or the plants are used to unite with other ornaments to get a final ideal visual center.

Artificial Pink Flower Tree For Events Decor

Specifically speaking, there are three points for consideration when processing interior virescence. Firstly, interior plants should match the size of the room. For example, big or tall plants are not good for a small room, but small topiary or potted landscape may be great. Compared with a small room, big plants will add much aesthetics to a large sitting-room. So medium or small plants are always most welcomed by the common family.

Potted Plants Landscapes

Secondly, interior virescence and greening appreciate Quality but Quantity. That means a house filled with many pieces of luxury furniture and different ornaments like flowers, trees, topiary will never please the owner and visitors, those large quantity of things will damage the aesthetics of the whole room and make the room look gaudy. Just like the Chinese idiom tells, A cleanly chamber wouldn’t lay claim to largeness, the fragrant flowers are of their number careless.


Artificial Flower Tree For Interior Decor

Thirdly, the arrangement of plants has to match with the color of the wall, floor, and furniture. For example, displaying dark-color-plants in the house with the same color style will make the interior space depressing and sad similarly, plants of light color will neither bring their superiority into full play for the landscape in the light-colored space so the color scheme is very important. Then how to nicely carry out the color scheme? The Chinese idiom a single red flower in the midst of thick foliage will be the principle, which means we just choose the plants that have contract colors of the interior houses to make the overall color look harmonious.

In modern society, peoples requirement of living environment has outstripped essential life demands, they have much more request in the style and personality of the interior environment. It is true that Return to nature, return to innocence, return to original purity and simplicity has been a fashion, as a member of landscaping and gardening we have the responsibility of increasing virescence design level for the developing of a fresh, beautiful living environment of vitality, to make house gardening, landscape, virescence more complete and full of natural interest, we are on the way.

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