Inspiring economical residential decor by artificial grass

For residential decor, artificial grass can bring you creative and inspiring feelings that is never hard to get. To make things better, artificial grass for residential decor is economical and easier to realize.
If you are a creative and handy person, the things you can do with artificial grass are endless. For crafts or the bigger works like buildings, artificial grass is very suitable for your projects.

Imagine you can suit your garden furniture, even your car inside or out with artificial grass! Make a nice fake grass carpet for your room to give it a natural feel. Or use it for decorating an exhibition stand. This will surely attract viewers to your stand, giving you the opportunity to start a happy conversation.
Many offices all over the world would like to have a artificial grass carpet on their floors. Employees feel like they are working outside in a field of green. Productivity ensured! Artificial grass is perfect for artful applications.


Covering your bedroom floor with artificial grass will also brings fresh color to space. The soft artificial grass flooring will let you feel like camping at your house, and easily have a relaxed feeling. It is also a perfect gift for your kids and will bring your relation closer.


If you think that artificial grass can only being applied to the floor, then the below stunning ideas will shock you a lot.

Artificial grass can also be used as a good vertical wall decoration, see the below picture of artificial grass featured wall, a world map designed by artificial grass, it greatly spruce up your space and will make your guests envy with green.


More artificial grass applications that will far more beyond your imagination,


The artificial grass chair and pillows are a good combination of furnishing and gardening. The soft and durable artificial grass will be a perfect replica of sponge and textiles, fresh and fashion to feel.

Another interesting application of artificial grass for kids barnyard adventure,


Artificial grass for barnyard adventure design

If you are in the business of residential decor or design, and interested in artificial grass, SUNWING has got ready to serve you with a large range of luxury or cheap artificial grass.

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