Outlook of artificial turf garden landscape — 8 Outstanding Functions can't Be Ignored

What Is Artificial Turf?

Professionally, artificial turf is a kind of chemical product with natural grass’s movement performance, in which grass-like synthetic fibers are implanted in a woven base cloth, and the back is coated with a fixed coating. The original material of artificial grass is mainly polypropylene, but also polyvinyl chloride and polyamide. For the leaves part is always green like real grass, UV absorbers are required at the same time.

Natural Turf vs Artificial Turf

Comparing those two, the available time of artificial turf exceeds 40% of natural turf. And its annual return rate is relatively high, about 2.5 times that of the natural one. Moreover, the maintenance and management of artificial turf cost less, meanwhile is simpler than the real. Especially for sports venues, artificial turf shows more advantages in this aspect. Such as it will not degrade and perform worse due to climate reasons, and there will be no muddy restrictions on rainy days. Also, we don’t require any pesticides and fertilizers to take care of a fake lawn, which means it’s more environmentally friendly. In addition, the friction performance of artificial turf is better. On the sports field, when an athlete falls, it is safer as the certain resistance to torsion impact and better shock absorption, which is also an aspect of artificial turf superior to natural turf.

Although Artificial Grass can’t generate oxygen as natural grass, it also has the function of soil fixation and sand prevention. In short, now artificial grass is getting better and better in terms of performance and quality, so I believe, in the long run, it will definitely be more widely used by people.

Application and Development Prospect of Artificial Turf in Landscape

Natural grass hardly grows in extreme conditions or when the use strength is too high, meanwhile artificial turf is a good solution. The more advantages of artificial turf are: it breaks the restriction of natural turf on the climate; the maintenance cost is relatively low. In some countries and regions, you can choose artificial turf for economic reasons; some indoor natural turf can not be planted and you can choose artificial turf. In addition, artificial turf has better advantages than natural turf in high-frequency and high-strength use, construction methods, maintenance, and application effects. Therefore, artificial turf will benefit you more in the future with technological progress and get more room for development.

Below, we do a brief outlook and overview of the application and development of artificial turf in the landscape, and sum up 8 main benefits:

Application of Artificial Turf in Sports Ground

With the advancement of science and technology, artificial turf now is very close to natural turf in multiple sports indicators, even surpassing the natural. This is reflected in the continuous development and improvement of the production technology level so that the new Artificial Sports Turf can effectively reduce the characteristics of foot sprain injury and skin scratches, and is safer than natural turf; The surface coating and raw materials are improved, that to say now the use of open net single fiber filaments has greatly improved the sports indexes such as shock absorption and ball rebound. In addition, the artificial turf is not restricted by rain, and the surface drainage is good, which will not delay the progress of some large-scale sports games. Therefore, artificial turf is increasingly valued and recognized by some international competitions, and more and more sports venues choose artificial turf.

football grass

Application of artificial grass in children's sports and playground

The reason why artificial grass is popular in schools, kindergartens, and other children’s activities is its features of non-slip, less dusty, easy to clean, and appearance similar to natural grass. The most important thing is that the soft Kindergarten Grass silk plays a protective role in children's play, and is more beautiful and natural than ordinary rubber mats, so the demand will continue to expand.

kindergarten grass

Application of artificial turf in roof garden greening and high-rise roof decoration

Synthetic turf has been widely used in roof gardens, which many owners recognize and praise, filling the gap of no green roofs in China. Generally, the roof's greening will consider the impact of load-bearing and adopt light-weight soil. However, considering the waterproof requirements, construction cost, maintenance difficulty, and other factors, it usually does not arrange too many natural plants, so artificial turf becomes the right choice. Or try to combine artificial turf with local natural tree planting to beautify the roof to provide a beautiful environment for owners or visitors.

Some high-rise roofs are usually blank because ordinary people cannot enter. However, with the increase of higher-rise buildings, relatively short tops are seen by people on super high-rise buildings and become landscapes. Visionary real estate developers have realized this. They chose artificial turf as the roof decoration to improve their real estate image. Its beautiful appearance, low price, and easy maintenance will become more and more real estate projects in the future.

Application of artificial grass in indoor golf venues and other ground

Golf is an elegant sport, and some small golf venues are often set up in some high-end hotels and clubs because it can up the level and quality of hotels and clubs. In hotels, guests' primary purpose is not to play golf but to travel and meetings. Therefore, most golf courses use real grass greens, while hotels tend to choose artificial grass greens.
Besides, some indoor sports and amusement parks want to get outdoor natural lawns' aesthetic effect. Still, they lack the natural growth conditions necessary for plants, such as sunlight and moisture, so artificial lawns have also become the best choice.

Application of outdoor vertical 3D greenery

At present, more people are advocating and pursuing vertical 3D greenery, which is also one of the future development trends of greening. But its cost and difficulty in construction and maintenance also discourage many people. Natural vegetation has a certain periodicity and cannot keep elegance all year round; while artificial turf is easy to take care of, does not require a lot of water, looks beautiful, and can last for a long time. It can be a pioneer in vertical three-dimensional greening in terms of decoration. With the development of natural-artificial combined turf technology in the future, artificial turf will also have a very straightforward performance in this field.

Replace natural lawns in extreme environment areas such as cold and drought

In the desolate and depressing scene caused by the cold winter weather, it would be very exciting to have a little green. Try to set the artificial turf landscape in these venues. With the development of artificial turf technology, the simulation degree of grass silk will achieve the same visual effect as natural grass. For example, on some roads, in addition to extremely cold-resistant pines, artificial turf can be used as a new greening option, which plays a great role in relieving drivers and improving driving safety.

Apply artificial turf in private courtyards and natural planting areas

Currently, artificial lawns are normal in private courtyards, and some families have accepted its simple management methods. Because of its beauty, applicability and cleanliness, it is more economical than natural grass, and it can provide a more comfortable venue for activities. Of course, it is not as good as natural lawns in terms of ecological effects and some natural characteristics, but it still gets more and more families’ preference. Most garden lawns need to limit the space through plant configuration to form a specific plant landscape, but the establishment of natural lawns requires a lot of water and sufficient maintenance costs. In some natural planting areas, especially areas where ecological benefits are not the primary factor, the application of artificial turf and natural arbor irrigation can also be appropriately developed for economic and aesthetic considerations.

Application of artificial-natural hybrid lawn in a mountain and barren slope greening

Implanting fake turf in the natural turf system to reinforce it, and planting real grass on the basis of artificial turf are two construction methods that have been extensively studied abroad. But there is no mature market application. It is undeniable that this will be an important development direction for artificial turf in the future, especially for mountain greening and barren slope greening. The use of this technology by sprayers will make the hillsides that are urgently needed to improve the ecological environment green and beautify in the short term, and achieve ecological restoration in the long term.


People are working hard to improve the quality of artificial turf to a level comparable to or even surpassing that of natural turf. From the appearance point of view, artificial turf is close to natural grass, and it may be difficult to distinguish them under future development. It is even better than natural grasses in terms of integrity and uniformity. However, the difference in ecological benefits is inevitable: the ecological functions of natural lawns to regulate climate and transform the environment can’t be replaced by artificial lawns. However, with the development of artificial-natural turf integrated turf technology, artificial turf and natural turf will give more play to their respective advantages, learn from each other's strengths, and combine with each other. Under this background, artificial turf will have broader development and market prospects.


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