People pay more attention to the football field grass quality

France was named host of the UEFA EURO 2016 finals, the first 24-team tournament on 10 June, 2016 in France. Believe that many loyal football fans around the world are crazy for the competition, and focusing on who will win finally. They not only care for the playing skills of players, but also care for the grass quality on football field.

Respectively, the FIFA set their standard for natural grass or artificial grass in football field. It shows that the importance of the quality grass. Good quality of grass will help players to run fast and prevent them from falling down. To some degree, it help them to win the competition.


Our company specializes in artificial grass for sports, including the football field, tennis court, golf court, etc. Our professional sales will recommend suitable grass for you according to your needs. Besides, when we know your size of the sports ground, we can offer a court design for you, like the proper roll size, the specific white grass as a white line, the quantity of sticky joint tape, and rubber granules.


Artificial Grass For Your Business

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