Precautions for paving artificial turf

With the development of the times, artificial grass has received more support for its convenience, speed, and low cost. The most important factor is convenience, speed, and low cost. Convenience is mainly reflected in the simple technology and easy operation, and the quickness is mainly reflected in the length of the site construction period. The most critical point is the low cost relative to the natural lawn.

Many people think that to make an artificial turf sports field, as long as the turf is good, a perfect artificial turf sports field can be made. In fact, this idea is not completely correct. A good lawn is a primary condition for a good sports field, but if the construction is not good or not professional enough, no matter how good the lawn is, it is useless. Therefore, the construction of artificial turf is one of the important links to ensure the quality of the field. We will elaborate on it below. Here are several factors that affect construction.

Lawn customization: Many people only know the area when making the venue, so when ordering, only the area is reported. In fact, there is a drawback. Generally, artificial turf is mainly 2 meters and 4 meters wide (there are also 5 meters and 5 meters). 3.65 meters), customers can customize lawns according to their own fields. Not all fields have the same width of lawn. For example, 11-a-side football fields are mostly 4 meters wide, and 5-a-side football fields are more. The grass is 2 meters wide. If your field is 5 people, 4 meters of artificial grass will be used, which will cause unnecessary waste. More or less will affect the construction progress.

Installation environment: The installation of artificial turf has a great impact on the weather environment. If it is rainy, we do not recommend the installation of artificial turf. Why do you say that? First of all, the glue we stick to the joints of the lawn has a certain degree of water solubility. If it is rainy, it will affect the effect of the glue. In fact, if it is filled with quartz sand, the rain will make the quartz sand wet and fill it unevenly. This will affect the overall use effect.

Construction foundation: Artificial turf has certain requirements on the foundation of the ground. Not all sites are suitable for paving artificial turf. Nowadays, the commonly used foundations are cement, asphalt, and gravel. Of course, some people are laying on hard soil. But in this case, rainy days will affect the use of artificial turf, so we recommend using asphalt or cement foundation, which can keep the ground level and the drainage system better.

Lawn paving: The paving of artificial turf emphasizes methods and professionalism. Generally, it is not recommended to pave it by yourself. You can find a professional construction party to do the paving. Generally, the lawn is placed according to the well-designed icon line and ink line and then spread from the middle to the two sides. There should be no obvious cracks at the joint of the two artificial lawns, otherwise, it will affect the splicing of the lawn.

Completion inspection: Generally, after the completion of the construction, it is required to inspect and clean up the garbage at the site, and find the problems in time and repair them, otherwise it will affect the acceptance of the site and delay the completion of the construction.


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