Production norms and use taboos of artificial turf

Any product has its advantages and disadvantages, and so does artificial grass, so there are many considerations in its production and use. Artificial grass is made of polyethylene and polypropylene, which has its own limitations. For non-professional technical and production personnel may not notice these small details, but we can create very big problems if we ignore them.

One of the basic characteristics of artificial turf is its ability to withstand continuous, high-intensity pressure and extreme trampling. Therefore, regardless of the type of artificial turf, they all have the following basic structure.

Base layer: i.e. a certain thickness of pebbles, then asphalt or concrete is laid on the foundation after pressing the plain bed soil, the purpose of which is to make it solid, non-deforming, high-pressure bearing, smooth surface, and impermeable. A good base layer is also to increase the service life and length of the lawn later.

Buffer layer: rubber or porous plastic with elasticity is glued to the base layer to play the role of bearing the top and bottom, which has the function of good buffer for sports pressure. It can effectively protect the athletes in the intense game body protection role, especially like some soccer, baseball, rugby game body contact more, intense degree of sports.

Turf layer: It is made of chemical fiber woven or compressed grass carpet and its upper cushion layer closely connected as one to form a surface similar to natural turf. The turf layer has the sports performance of natural grass.

So what should be noted in the daily production and use and after the use of maintenance? First of all is the production process, in the whole workshop or factory to clearly prohibit the emergence of open flame, these things once the emergence of the whole workshop and the artificial grass being produced on the production line is a fatal blow. The special chemical material is flammable, and the working environment is always kept at a constant temperature and dry. Once there is smoke and fire, the damage to the whole workshop is huge, which may cause property damage and casualties. So the daily production must pay attention to fire prevention.

In the process of putting artificial grass into use, there is an important thing that needs to be prohibited, that is, not to allow vehicles or large buses and freight cars to pass over it. The extremely heavy pressure is very harmful to the artificial grass, which is mainly manifested as tearing or breaking, affecting the use, when the broken place reaches a certain degree, this lawn basically can not continue to use.


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