SUNWING Artificial Boxwood Hedge

As the most popular product, you would not regret to choose SUNWING artificial boxwood hedge as another way for a unique decoration. Lifelike Leaves Perfectly Simulate the Living Foliage SUNWING artificial boxwood hedge is made out of high-tech molds based on living plants. Each leaf has amazing botanical accuracy in shape, color, and texture so that it can add relaxing green to live but with no trouble.

50cm*50cm Hedge Piece Covers 2.68 sq. ft Made of 100% fresh PE materials, SUNWING artificial boxwood hedge is eco-friendly and also convenient for its easy installation. Its grid back can cover any surface to present different adornment effect.

One piece of the hedge is 50cm*50cm covering 2.68 sq.ft. It can be cut according to personal application. Without maintenance, SUNWING artificial hedge can still live for at least 5 years indoor or 3 years outdoor.

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