SUNWING artificial grass for outdoor flooring surface solution

As one professional manufacturer of artificial grass with more than ten years experience, our artificial grass has been delivered in large quantity to many international areas and used for outdoor flooring surface.

Compared with traditional rubber flooring surface and living grass flooring surface, artificial grass provide a nicer and economical flooring surface solution. In addition to artificial grass realistic natural accent and soft touch that rubber flooring surface does not have, artificial grass turf needs little maintenance like watering, fertilizing, prunning,etc. that living grass needs. Due to artificial grass turf good property, many place like residential yard, school nurseries, sports runways have been covered by artificial grass turf,
1. For the backyard landscaping ideas. They have found that the artificial grass is useful on roundabouts, verges and in parks, which is free of maintenance and thus saves the man power and resources.


2. School nurseries. They laid artificial grass for their playground, making it an all-year-round child-friendly facility. The children love the soft grass, meantime, have no worry about being smudged by the dirt in rainy day.


3. Pets owners. As many pets owners will agree, having to maintain a high-quality grassed area for dogs to run and play is not easy. While, under the help of artificial grass, their pets can run around and the owners will not have to clean mud off them. 


Artificial grass is not only largely used for outdoor flooring surface, indoor flooring can also be decorated nicely.

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