Synthetic Grass Installations & Asphalt Foundation

Before the laying of synthetic grass field, its foundation base like cement or asphalt base should be prepared, the following is requirement of asphalt foundation base for artificial grass installations,

1) For the flatness of asphalt foundation. The total percent of pass for its flatness should be more than 96%,  allowable error among 3m can be 3mm or less.

2) For the gradient. For the crosswise, the gradient should be less than 1/1000 for the length wise direction, it should be less than 1/1000 for the high jump area, it should be less than 4/1000, the surface should be smooth and have good drainage system.

3) For the Intensity and stability.
The asphalt foundation should not include wax or very few wax, the alphalt mixture should be pressed firmly. The surface of cement foundation should be firm, no crack, no broken selvage, the join line should be straight and smooth. The article of rubble above asphalt concrete surface layer should be 2~5mm, its oil content should be 5.8~6.4% for the rubble article of joint layer, it should be 6~9mm, 4.6~5.8% oil content. Finally, the pressed surface after tamping should be hard, peeling and loose soil as well as subcurve should not be seen there.


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