Top 3 Reasons for Using Artificial Landscape Turf

When it comes to decorative arts, from large as urban construction to small as just decorate our own courtyard, green is essential. As an important part of that, turf always plays the role of showing up in various fields and suit to diverse applications. Among all, we call the lawn used for greening and decoration a landscaped lawn. Nowadays, many areas use artificial landscape turf instead of natural ones, so what are the advantages? Why should it replace natural lawn?

Artificial Landscape Turf
Application of Artificial Landscape Turf in courtyard

Top 1:Not Real Grass, Better than Real One

Artificial landscape lawn wants to replace the natural one, first of all, the appearance must be similar or even difficult to distinguish between the two, so as to achieve the best visual effect. And we are happy to say that it is not difficult to achieve this level with the support of increasingly mature technologies. The color of the lawn we have made is similar to real grass, and the density is so high that looks exactly the same as a natural lawn from a distance.

In addition, artificial turf is better than natural turf in touch, because it is softer and more comfortable, and brings a good contact experience to people. For example, community and parks often lay large areas of special lawns for residents and tourists to play for leisure and in these places, artificial landscape lawns are used instead of natural lawns to ensure the safety and comfort of tourists.

Top 2: Easy to take care of, friendly for environmental protection

Inevitably, people need to mow and take care of natural lawns and replace them regularly, while artificial lawns save this trouble. In comparison, it is obvious that artificial turf is easy to lay, wear-resistant, and does not require frequent care. This kind of turf has good air and water permeability, strong decontamination and sewage discharge capacity, and is very environmentally friendly, which is a good choice for our lawn greening.

Top3:Simple laying and cost-saving

Another important reason why people use artificial turf in lawn greening is to save costs. If you use natural turf, the cost of transportation, maintenance, and regular replacement will be a significant expense. Compared with natural turf, an artificial landscape lawn is simple to lay and durable, which avoids these tedious expenses to a certain extent. Nowadays, artificial landscape lawns have been widely used in all aspects of urban construction such as community greening, garden greening, road greening, and vertical greening.


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