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For many kids, they care about their good basketball but outdoor concrete or asphalt basketball court inevitablely cause more damage to the ball and even to the body when they fall accidently. Artificial basketball surface solve this problem thanks to the perfect rebound resilience.

In addition, low cost and maintenance free are main reasons why so many people install synthetic basketball turf now.

  • Where can we install the basketball grass?

You can lay the basketball court lawn on surface of many places like concrete, asphalt, and hard sand, etc. When laying in mud, you first need to lay a layer of non-woven fabric and fix it with nails.

  • Do you have custom options?

Of course yes, we offer custom service and can design specially for your individual needs and budget.

You will have a range of options including:

-Various colors options

-Right size to your area

-Multiple grass options

-Key markings at regulation size

  • How long this basketball grass will last?

It depends on your usage, but normally, with the UV treatment your basketball court grass surface can easily keep 5 years without any fade or fall off and if you use it carefully, they will service a longer time.

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