Use Artificial Plant Walls to Make the City More Attractive

A modern city is always under construction. Skyscrapers, viaducts, subways… The construction area always is enclosed with simple barriers, which will affect the aesthetics of the city and even hinder the traffic. Construction noise and dust, as well as a variety of inconvenience, makes busy city residents fidgety and uncomfortable. In fact, there is a way to ease people’s emotions. Why not replace the barrier with the artificial plant wall?

On the one hand, the artificial plant wall effectively separates the construction area from the life of residents, making the city more beautiful. It can create a unique landscape and divert people’s attention from the construction. The color green also can relax the people.

On the other hand,the artificial plant wall can last for at least 3 years for outdoor use, just about the length of a construction project. It wont fade even in the sun at 104 degrees Fahrenheit and would not crack at -40 degress Fahrenheit. Compared to the living wall, the artificial one provides the same effect at less cost. Moreover, artificial plants are so soft that on crowded roads, pedestrians walking close to the wall will not be scratched by leaves or branches.

SUNWING artificial plant walls are made of PVC, PE, and other environment-friendly materials, with high softness. The back has a grid setting, can present different adornment effects according to your preference. The product contains two series, one is the finished product which does not need your assembling, it can be installed on the wall directly. The other one is that you can assemble the accessories freely as your favor, which is more creative, and more flexible.

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