What are the considerations in the use and maintenance of artificial grass?

On the basis of our superficial knowledge, we found that the existence of artificial grass is simply a kind of preferential treatment from heaven, do not have to care about the weather conditions, do not have to worry about the insect bites, not to mention the grass field because of the cold weather too fast and withered and many other problems. However, its own advantages do not mean that it can be completely left to its own devices. The precautions in use and the specific criteria in maintenance still cannot be easily ignored.

In fact, for the office or small living area in the use of artificial grass the most basic point is to keep it clean and hygienic, and the traditional grass compared to the past. Compared with traditional grass, it saves the trouble of cleaning and watering every day, but cleanliness is the most basic requirement, and the artificial grass used in this kind of occasion or area, we don't need to consider it at all, and we can let it develop completely.

What really requires a lot of effort is the maintenance of artificial grass. If you leave such a large amount of artificial grass-formed lawn completely unmanaged, it will quickly lose its function. So what you need to do is not to have too obvious garbage, melon rind or confetti, etc. on the field; to clean up in time after use; to clean up the dust. After the rain, the lawn will be clean and tidy, so cleaning up the dust can be dispensed with at this time.

In the case of very hot weather, you can sprinkle water to cool the grass in a timely manner, so that athletes can use the field feel more comfortable, there is also a lot of fine rubber particles sprinkled on the grass, his main role is to increase the friction, but after the rain, through the rain to wash, and after the use of the field, the distribution of filler particles is not uniform This time it is necessary to use a special rake to make these filler particles more evenly distributed.

Then in the use of also do is in the artificial grass field around equipped with enough more garbage cans, so that people in the manufacture of garbage, give garbage certain place to go, rather than choose to garbage still on the grass, there is a part is not to sweep too many times, if too often but will damage the grass layer, and have a small hole in time to repair, not just pretend not to know or even ignore, which in some ways is a great deal. This is a great safety hazard in certain aspects.

artifical grass is easy to clean

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