What Is Artificial Vertical Garden

The artificial vertical garden is a wall with a highly simulated plant layout. To make the artificial green wall, we need to attach wire mesh to the wall first, then embed artificial plants on it.

There are three types in general. The first kind consists of simple artificial hedges, the style of the wall depends on these hedges. This kind of artificial vertical garden is based on simple artificial leaves, but the style will change a lot by those different combinations. With superb coverage and good aesthetics, this is the preferred choice for the fence in many courtyard owners.

The second class is a combination of artificial hedge and artificial foliage, which adds some new elements to the simple products. The existence of artificial foliage makes the whole panel more flexible and changeable, It is perfect for interior decoration.

The last one is all made up of artificial foliage, this is the best choice for all DIY enthusiasts. It is more creative than the other two kinds because All these foliage is within your consideration. You will have your unique garden with it.

Nowadays, more and more people are willing to use green plants in decoration. However it is not easy for all plants to grow anywhere, it is also expensive to purchase and maintain these plants. Because of this, the artificial green wall becomes a great alternative.

Compared with the real plant wall, the artificial vertical wall has many advantages. From the economic part, artificial bundles are much cheaper than real plants, the same as their installation costs. From the preservation and maintenance, an artificial vertical garden can be evergreen all year-round, it does not need soil, sunshine, and water, and it will not be attacked by insects. From the diversity of styles, because of no effect of the growing environment, all kinds of simulated plants have the chance to appear on the artificial green wall.

Increasing artificial vertical gardens bring different colors to our cities. We can find them in offices, shopping centers, the exterior wall of a building, and many other places. This proves that the artificial green wall has more and more practical values in modern life.

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