Why choose SUNWING artificial grass turf?

It may be big trouble for you to maintain your lawn, grass lawn not only takes up your valuable time but also costs you unnecessary maintenance expense. For example, you have to spend much of your free time on the weekends to maintain your lawn Watering your lawn makes up approximately 70% of your water bill each month those turf lawn will get muddy after heavy rains and brings insects. All those problems may become the biggest problem for wage earners that will kill their spare time. To better enjoy your free time and cut your high water bills from the moment, it is time to replace the traditional lawn with artificial grass turf. When you choose artificial grass turf, SUNWING artificial grass can be your prior choice As a professional artificial grass turf supplier, SUNWING has got ready for you with the following benefits,

1) Largest Selection of Artificial Grass Products
As a leading manufacturer and exporter of artificial grass with more than 10 years experience, we can supply different models according to your different needs. Our artificial grass can be classified into two categories, including artificial landscaping grass and sport grass. For your different applications, there always exists one model of artificial grass you will like. We welcome your requirements for pile height, color, size, etc. Then recommendations are provided for your reference. SUNWING artificial grass means more choices, more possibilities for you.


2) Unlimited Wide Applications
For our artificial landscaping grass, it can be used in the garden, park, hotel, roadside, entertainment park, etc. For our sport grass, there are grass turf used in football field, golf court, tennis court and so on. Besides those common application, we can also meet special needs from customers.


3) Warranty and life time
SUNWING never use recycled material to produce grass, all applied materials are fresh and new. For special application, we also have UV protected artificial grass with fire proof. Because of our advantages in material selection and excellent surface treatment, the warranted lifetime of our artificial grass can be about 5 years. If it is used appropriately, the life time of our artificial grass can be prolonged to 8 years.


All in all, SUNWING supply excellent qualified synthetic turf for landscapes, playgrounds, pet areas, roof, deck, patios, and professional sports grass. Just get cheap turf or luxury SUNWING artificial grass to transform your garden, your yard, or your house flooring, or improve the sports field, and you will be inspired.

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