Why is it cost-effective to lay artificial turf in kindergartens?

Recently, we notice that more kindergarten prefer to lay artificial lawn on activity area. Therefore, the cost of artificial turf in kindergartens has become their concern. To answer this question, we need to calculate the specific area of turf used by kindergartens. Under normal circumstances, it can basically meet their budget.

Besides, kindergarten turf’s use frequency is higher than normal landscape turf. Therefore, in this case, the natural lawn is easily mottled and damaged due to frequent trampling and friction, which affects the appearance and future use. Plus, outdoor factors such as weather will also impact the lawn's growth and service life; a series of subsequent replacement and maintenance costs are not a small expense. But it can keep a bright green color throughout the year and upgrade the school's image and appearances when it comes to artificial solutions. Still, it is also easy to maintain and lower later costs.

Considering from this aspect, the overall cost of using artificial turf in kindergartens is quite cost-effective. At present, the more common lawns in the market are mainly produced by the principle of bionics. Due to the full consideration in the design, when children play on it, the touch is very comfortable. Secondly, the artificial turf also has good water permeability and is easy to clean and maintain.

Furthermore, the kindergarten artificial turf carpet is soft and made of high-density grass yarn. According to the sound-absorbing principle, the sound-absorbing material of the carpet is of fibrous type. Countless grass fibers are intermingled to form small gaps. When the sound enters the gaps, it will be randomly reflected in the gap. The greater the density, the more reflections. Until most of the sound wave's energy is consumed and turned into heat energy, thereby achieving the effect of sound absorption and noise reduction.

In addition to the outdoor paving of the kindergarten, when it comes to interior design, using artificial sound-absorbing turf carpets in appropriate spaces can avoid the noise caused by footsteps and furniture colliding with the ground reduce external noise to keep the interior quiet. Landscape artificial turf carpets already occupy a place in the home, which also apply to office buildings, clubs, hotels, and other places.


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